For Fantastic Family-Havers

They have (or are) kids—now they'll also have a lovely present from you. 

Magician's Assistant

Every magician could use an assistant—especially one this cute and fluffy. This bunny is about 5" tall, super-soft, and safe for magicians of all ages.

Buy it here for $10.

Grandpa Magic

This delightful book has tricks, stunts, and puzzles that you can enjoy together as a family! Grandpa status not required.

Buy a copy here for $17.

Dragon Box

This is one of our all-time best-sellers with young people. If it fits inside this lovely 4.5"x3"x1.5" box, you can make it disappear and reappear! Instructions included.

Buy it here for $5.

The 826 Pocket Activity Book

You or your favorite young person can write with us anytime, anywhere! Flex those creative muscles with this fun little notebook filled with writing prompts and delight.

Buy it here for $5.

Mini Magic Coloring Book

A mini coloring book 4.25" x 5.5" is shown to have all blank pages...or does it? With a wave of your hand, black and white pictures appear. With another, the pictures are magically filled with color!

Buy it here for $5.

Magic 8 Ball

Questions, meet answers! Share this classic toy with a young person.

Buy it here for $10.