For Humor-Loving Humans

These funny gifts put the "novelty" in "magic-themed novelty store."

Invisibility Cloak

This premium invisibility cloak, designed to complement every outfit and every body type, just might be the most beautiful cloak you will ever see!

Buy it here for $2.

More Time to Write

We found it!

Add an AA battery and this stupendous, fully functional clock will tick backward, giving you more time to write (and a great conversation starter).

Buy it here for $10.

Tivoli's Invisi-Bees

Utterly bzzzzzz-arre! Legend has it, Tivoli himself managed to get these quiet, see-through bees into these small bottles...

Buy it here for $2.

Thin Air

This certified thin air is bottled exclusively by Tivoli's Astounding Magic Supply Company.

Buy it here for $8.

Canned Laughter

As seen on TV! Ingredients include carrots, muted guffaws, holy cow stock, and the occasional stray cough. You’ll never perform to the sound of crickets again when you use our patented formula, heart-healthy, premium Canned Laughter.

Buy it here for $8.