For your Practical Pals

Pick the perfect present for your practical pals (and say that five times fast).

Dry Spell Umbrella

The Dry Spell Umbrella comes in handy on rainy days! It comes with a matching cover and is topped with a Tivoli's Astounding Magic Supply Co. logo. Extraordinary!

Buy it here for $10.

Logo Pouch

This vintage-style logo pouch has two zippered pockets. That means twice the fun, and twice the space for your pencils, pens, makeup, small magic supplies, and more. 

Each pouch is approximately 7.5" by 4.5" and made from 100% cotton canvas.

Buy yours here for $7.

The Cook's Carrot Whisk

Whether you're whipping up a crêpe or a carrot cake, this whisk will help make it happen with a touch of garden whimsy. Wires are coated with durable, easy-cleaning silicone, and the handle is plump, cushy silicone too. No watering necessary.

Get yours here for $15.

Presto Tote

This modest carryall for magical goods also serves as a quick trick on the go. Snap twice, read the bag, and produce a rabbit from this 100% cotton tote with reinforced straps. *Rabbit not guaranteed.

Buy it here for $15.