My Heart Went Beating Fast. Realistic fiction by Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary's fifth grade class. Foreword by Tania James, author of The Tusk That Did the Change. Book cover features a heart shape with one half as a wind-up dentures toy.

My Heart Went Beating Fast

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A girl goes against her parents' wishes and signs up for cooking school. An FBI agent tries to win back her partner who has gone rogue. A plot to overthrow the president kicks off-- but after a stop at a McDonald's in the jungle first.

In these stories, fifth graders at Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary have created vivid pieces of realistic fiction that weave together elements of real life experience and imagination. The results are stories of Dostoyevskian uncanniness, heartwarming friendships, O'Henry-style plot twists, and tragedy that range from the melancholy and heavy-hearted to the laugh out loud hilarious. This dynamic collection also features illustrations by Santiago Casares, winner of the 2006 Children's Book Story FILIJ Award. Designed by Oliver Munday.