Ouija Cheese Board

Ouija Cheese Board

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We have a VERY limited edition, hand crafted treat for you this Halloween! Purchase today to snag one of only 16 "talking boards" before they disappear. Whether you consider it a harmless party game or a device for communicating with the other side, these one-of-a-kind boards are a great gift (and they also make fantastic cheese platters).

How To Use:

  1. Set the mood. Grab a trusted friend or two. Light a few candles, burn sage, maybe put on some Sinéad O'Connor or Nirvana. Turn off all cell phones because nothing kills a seance mood more than push notifications.
  2. Be patient (and polite). Ghosts can be shy, especially when you’re asking them personal questions. Maybe start with something easy like “How’s your day going?” or “Hey, did you catch that baseball game on Saturday?”
  3. Rest fingertips lightly on the pointer and concentrate. Always keep an even distribution of weight on the pointer, letting the spirits guide your movement around the board.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, each one is unique and different. Colors, markings, and wood grain may vary. 

If you decide to use this platter to serve food, we A) recommend you cover with a cloth or napkin first, and B) ask that you invite us to the soiree. We’re very good at parties.